Clinical Trials


Clinical trials are research studies in which doctors try to find ways to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. These studies on cancer patients are carefully monitored by scientists and doctors. It is always an individual's choice to become involved in a clinical trial. An excellent overview of clinical trials is provided on the website of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance. The National Cancer Institute (of the National Institute of Health) has a clinical trial search function that works well. 

More Information:

More information about clinical trials is available at the Foundation for Women's Cancer; including a list of Questions to Ask Your Doctor or Research Office Nurse and Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Participate:

Remember, the more women who participate in clinical trials, the faster we will find early detection tools, better treatment and ultimately a cure. Clinical trials exist for women at every point in their experience with ovarian cancer.

Talk with Your Doctor:

Be sure to have a conversation with your doctor about possible clinical trials that may be appropriate for you.



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